Living Honestly with Lupus

Lupus invaded my life almost two years ago and has completely changed who I am and how I live. I use guided imagery, art for healing, meditation and music, but it's a painful, lonely, isolated journey. I have much to share about my experience and would like to hear how others make life work, good and bad, with Lupus SLE.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Starting a New Day

Another rough night, but made the decision to get up and take care of myself first. Taking care of myself means something different depending on the day, my mood, the weather, my body. This morning it meant making homemade bran muffins and listening to my praise music. While they cooked I sat on my patio with my little fountain and my roses all around and read a few pages from Praise Habit by David Crowder. Crowder talks about how we were ..."meant for every moment to be fully alive with this dynamic relating and vibrant presence of HOPE in finding our Maker near us." He goes on to say that ..."There's a cycle that takes place where we find/experience a spiritual habit that brings connection and meaning, but eventually even that thing will get stale and something else will need to find its way in. We need to continually redefine what our spiritual disciplines look like." It was so good to read that and to be encouraged that my spiritual discipline can and actually should be alive and changing. Today it was making muffins, listening to my favorite hymns and reading/meditating/praying outside.

After breakfast, I did a few yoga poses - to help ease the pain. For now, it's helped.

I need to remember on my bad days to look for the good time or day that surely is to follow. Peace to you.


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